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Fig. 5.

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Fig. 5. Clinical imaging of the thymus in young child patients and preclinical imaging of the thymus in rodents and pigs. (A) CT scan shows a thymus with enlarged lymph nodes and a thymic mass with a necrotic core []. CT, computed tomography. (B) Ultrasound of a normal thymus (arrows) with smooth borders and echotexture between liver and thyroid []. AA, aortic arch; PA, pulmonary artery. (C) A CT/sagittal positron emission tomography scan showing a normal thymus in a young patient with Burkitt lymphoma injected with 18F-FDG []. Arrows indicate thymic tissues without FDG avidity. FDG, fludeoxyglucose. (D) Chemical structure of Ox170 and intraoperative thymus imaging in mice. Dose-dependent imaging of Ox170 was obtained 4 hours after an intravenous injection []. (E) 10 ╬╝mol of Ox170 was injected into 35-kg Yorkshire pigs 8 hours prior to imaging []. Th, thymus (arrowhead); He, heart; Lu, lung; LN, lymph node; Ne, nerve; Tr, trachea; TG, thyroid gland (arrow). Scale bars=1 cm.
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