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Fig. 6.

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Fig. 6. Intraoperative tumor-specific imaging in lungs. (A) Adenocarcinomas in a lung tumor mouse model injected with 6CQNIR fluorophores (20 nmol) 6 hours prior to imaging []. Cancerous lung tissues highlighted with increased fluorescence (white dashed circle) were then analyzed by hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining. Scale bars=100 μm. (B) Preoperative CT and intraoperative fluorescence imaging of thymic carcinosarcoma []. An anterior mediastinal mass was resected in a patient with primary sarcoma via NIR fluorescence image guidance after injecting ICG 24 hours prior to resection (5 mg/kg). (C) Thoracoscopic tumor imaging highlighted by a percutaneous injection of ICG (0.5 mL; <0.125 mg/mL) 15 minutes prior to imaging into lung cancer patients []. Lobectomy of primary lung cancer was performed in all patients. Resected tumor specimen with lung nodule highlighted in yellow circle. (D) NIR imaging was used to detect a pulmonary nodule tumor 24 hours after injection of 5 mg/kg of ICG during open thoracotomy []. H&E staining was performed on resected tumors and an NIR microscopy image was taken under a 760-nm light source at ×100 magnification. NIR, near-infrared; ICG, indocyanine green; CT, computed tomography.
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